by Hazel Dhane Bautista

– Vice Ganda confidently wears brave fashion pieces to show his love for dressing up

– His outfits of the day would vary from basics to extreme in a matter of days and people are always pleasantly surprise because of it

– Here are 9 times he didn’t mind going out of the box and rocked these bold fashion choices

Vice Ganda is a brilliant host and comedian on weekdays and even on Sundays. Although on the side, he’s just like us as he likes travelling with friends and sharing nice stories among his peers.

Another thing we have in common with him is his love for fashion. He has no problem mix and matching extreme pieces during “It’s Showtime.” Sometimes he would just wear his laidback shirts and jeans but there are days when you would have to look twice to understand what he’s wearing.

In any case, it only goes to show how brave he is on making these fashion picks and here are 9 times he effortlessly did so.

1. That time he put a twist on tattered denims

Ripped jeans started its comeback this 2016 but Vice Ganda had another idea in mind. When he flew to Australia and decided that it’s a denim day, he added another flare. Aside from the gaping hole on his jeans, he sported a denim coat which was also tattered.

2. When one color dye didn’t satisfy him

An undecided Vice Ganda woke up one day and just realized he wanted not one, not two but multiple colors on his newest hair do. During his first day of taping of the talent search, “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” his hair was as noticeable as the contestants.

3. He can rock lingerie anytime

He just wouldn’t go down without a fight. For his role in Coco Martin’s hit teleserye “Ang Probinsyano,” he fearlessly lived up to the role. With long locks and a lingerie showing of his prosthetic cleavage, he was one of the reasons why viewers tuned in that night.

4. When he joined the “No panty” fashion trend

Make way, international models. Vice Ganda had no problem showing off his long legs while joining this newest trend. While others would be conscious with this exposure, he pulled it off effortlessly.

5. He wasn’t satisfied with just a bow on his outfit

He also had to put it in his head. This hairdo isn’t new to the audience but leave it to Vice Ganda to flawlessly add his own style to it. His gray hair went really well with his dress which also resembled a bow.

6. Fashion can be uncomfortable at times but so be it

We can’t imagine the dedication and courage needed to pull of this look. It may be hard to speak or to even move at all while wearing this headpiece but Vice Ganda did it all for the fashion statement.

7. Dark horse, his own rendition of the controversial film

The feather like image of his coat would remind you of Natalie Portman’s film “Black Swan” and her iconic costume. Since Vice Ganda doesn’t have any problem pulling a joke on himself, he altered the title to a witty one.

8. We couldn’t unsee what he did to a pink skirt

A pink coat and skirt isn’t unusual. In fact, Reese Witherspoon’s movie “Legally Blonde,” even made this look unforgettable. But have you seen something as unique like what Vice Ganda wore? A pink skirt resembling an upside down umbrella. We don’t know how that happened too.

9. It doesn’t get any more retro than this

During a production number with Anne Curtis, he rocked an afro look and a body fitting swimsuit-like piece. We could totally feel some Diana Ross vibes on this one!

Aside from travelling in style, Vice Ganda is also making it a habit to film himself in his video series which he called, #WaleySeries. During those short clips, he leaves a joke which leaves everyone in laughter.