‘In order to stay relevant, a magazine must change with the times. And sometimes, even be the catalyst that changes the times.’ – Sari Yap, Founding Editor of MEGA

In the #MakingMEGA The Finale, Vice Ganda shared his sentiment about being the cover of the magazine. “This has a very big impact.. as I told them this cover is not just about fashion, it is also about democracy. It’s about fashion democracy. The cover has a very strong message..the message of inspiration, the message of recognition and empowerment. And, this is so now. This is so now. This is the now that we have to make a part..”

Being the fashionable celebrity that he is, he wore a sleek black high slit gown by Anthony Ramirez in the event in the Century City Mall Events Center. Per Aaron Mangsat, Vice Ganda’s stylist, the silhouette is very 70s which is one of the biggest trends this 2015.

Vice Ganda

In the September issue of MEGA Magazine, Vice Ganda was ‘re-imagined’ in the lavender fields of Hokkaido, Japan. “Wearing floor-grazing, ultra-feminine numbers in airy pastels, Vice Ganda is photographed amidst the fragrant and picturesque lavender fields of Furano in Hokkaido, Japan. Magical as it was, this further stakes the claim that fashion is no longer bound by rules. Loosening its exclusive de rigueur, fashion today is meant for everyone.” – Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena

The magazine also shares and discusses the details on working with Vice Ganda, on Vice Ganda’s secret to success, on Vice Ganda’s past (in Tondo, comedy bars, notable projects in television), on having a special connection to Japan, on dealing with negative issues, to the ‘now’ – TO THE FRONTLINE.

“There are so many people who can be against this but the only thing you can do is face the now.”
Vice Ganda stated.

While per Peewee Reyes-Isidro, Editor-In-Chief of MEGA Magazine, “This is not only his story being put to the form but the story of every man and woman, and the story of acceptance, Vice Ganda said it best, the time is really now.”

Vice Ganda 2

Grab a copy of the MEGA September issue available in all bookstores and newsstands nationwide.