Vice Ganda stretched his acting powers and comedic skills by playing four roles/characters in this highest grossing Filipino film of 2013 as it earned a domestic gross of P 429,147,428. Vice Ganda played as the quadruplets Girlie, Peter, Mark and Panying who after long being separated, met again when Peter needed a compatible liver donor. Mark is his only match but he set a condition in exchange for his liver – for Girlie, Peter, and their father to experience the hardships that he and Panying experienced when they were growing up. However, Mark felt different and he then forgave his siblings and his father.

Awards and Recognitions:
1. 39th Metro Manila Film Festival Awards (2013) Best Actor (Vice Ganda)
2. 39th Metro Manila Film Festival Awards (2013) 2nd Best Picture
3. 39th Metro Manila Film Festival Awards (2013) Gender Sensitivity
4. 30th PMPC Star Awards for Movies (2014) Movie Actor of the Year (Vice Ganda)
5. GMMSF Box Office Entertainment Awards (2014) Phenomenal Star (Vice Ganda)