Vice Ganda was bestowed with the privilege to do a remake of the classic Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting (1988) starred by Roderick Paulate with his own ‘Petrang Kabayo’ (2010). This is his first major movie and it tells the story of Peter Kasimsiman / Petra (Vice Ganda) who was maltreated by his father due to his homosexuality. He ran away and found a wealthy haciendera who provided him shelter and unconditional love. The said haciendera eventually died and Peter became the heir to her properties. However, Peter became abusive of his wealth and mistreated most of his housemaids, employees and friends. Due to this, he was given a curse that transforms him into a horse every time he gets mad or does/says anything bad to others.

Awards and Recognitions:
1. ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards (2010) Pop Screen Kiss (with Luis Manzano)
2. ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards (2010) Pop Movie Love Team of the Year (with Luis Manzano)
3. ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards (2010) Movie of the Year
4. 42nd Box-Office Entertainment Award (2010) Bert Marcelo Achievment Award for Exellence in Comedy