June 19, 2015

The Unkabogable Host, Vice Ganda, broke down in tears when he remembered his ‘Lolo’ in his It’s Showtime segment, Advice Ganda. Since, tatay Benjamin, a 67-year-old retired teacher, sought for an advice to lessen his sadness and longing for his children. He shared that his 2 sons and only daughter left the country to work abroad. And it makes him sad and depressed because he always think of his children’s situation.

Madam Bertud was honest in telling tatay Benjamin that he’s quite not sure on what advice to give to him. But he told tatay Benjamin that he should feel occupied with things or to create a hobby (to make himself busy). “Malibang ka..gawin niyo pong abala ang sarili niyo..tulad ng pagtatanim niyo..” He also asked what would make tatay Benjamin happy to which the longing father answered things like watching television.

Vice Ganda felt sad for tatay Benjamin’s seemingly ’empty nest syndrome’ ordeal. He expressed that what Tatay Benjamin feels is normal. Then, Vice Ganda remembered his grandfather whom he lives with when he was younger. He broke down and expounded that he became busy with his showbiz career, that he didn’t notice his grandfather feeling sad about their absence in their house. This made Vice’s grandfather to leave their house and go to La Union.

Through it all, the Unkabogable Host thanked tatay Benjamin for making him remember to spend time with his mother. And he also asked for forgiveness to his own mother, Nanay Rosario, for not being able to give her time or to bond with her:


Vice Ganda invited Tatay Benjamin to an early Father’s Day celebration, Right after It’s Showtime, the Phenomenal Star, together with nanay Rose, tatay Benjamin, Emma Viceral, Team Vice members and It’s Showtime’s writers and segment producers ate lunch at Kanin Club in Sct. Rallos, Quezon City.

In his Instagram, Vice Ganda posted a picture of their special ‘Father’s Day’ bonding with the caption: Advance Fathers Day celebration with Tatay Benjamin. This man is an angel in disguise. He touched and awakened not just me but so many people who were able to hear his story in AdVice Ganda earlier inShowtime. I love him. I love every parent most especially my NANAY. God bless all the parents!!!!!