May 7, 2015

Last May 2, 2015, Vice Ganda, together with his sibling, Style/Glam team and close friends, went to the Philippines’ top tourist draw and voted by Travel and Leisure’s readers as the second-best destination, Boracay. The Unkabogable Star, who will have an upcoming concert in Araneta, dipped in with the crowd to once again experience ‘Laboracay’ – a summer party celebration attended by known artists, both local and foreign.

According to, ‘Laboracay’ is marked by intense partying by the beach, lots of booze and good music. It is not a company, it’s not a sponsor, and it’s not an official event. It’s a term people use to commemorate what’s happening in Boracay in the week of Labor Day (Labor Day is a Philippine holiday celebrated on May 1 in honor and/or dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers).

When asked if this is Vice’s first ‘Laboracay’ experience, he quickly answered “No, second..” Though not experiencing the event for the first time, he still favored his first Laboracay experience last year due to the number of people last year plus the not so favorable weather this year.

“Mas maraming tao last year, mas fun yung last year..”

“Ngayon fun din naman kaya lang umuulan..”

“Hindi ko masyado na-enjoy kasi nagtago ako sa ilalim ng parasol..yung malaking umbrella..kasi nga umuulan diba baka mabasa yung hair ko..two nights na ganoon ang nangyari..

“Habang lahat nagsasayaw..nagwawala sa ulan, ako nasa ilalim ako ng umbrella..”

Pertaining to his Instagram photos which show him posing in a yacht, he explained that they rented the yacht for a day.

“Oo, ni-rent namin for one day. Nakita naming naka-dock..”



I am so thankful to God that i am blessed with the opportunity to work hard and the chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Im living a great life. And im having a grand time.



Bakit naman ganun ang pag-ibig mo? Parang araw na unti unting naglaho bago dumating ang isang buwan.#WhoGoat

Asking what he enjoyed the most, he shared that he had the most fun in riding the sea plane. (Sea planes are powered fixed-wing aircraft capable of taking off and landing (alighting) on water. Seaplanes can also take off and land on airfields are in a subclass called amphibian aircraft. He also concluded that it’s nice)

It was then a well-spent ‘Labor Day’ for the Unkabogable Star as he simply enjoyed the fruits of his hard work.

“Ang sarap maka-experience ng mga ganon after mo magtrabaho ng bongga, diba..”

“Living the live after hard work.”